Buzz: The NHL Made A Huge CBA Concession To The Players

Dreger adds “Owners absorbing Make Whole is large step, however, agreeing on details on how this system will work will be a challenge. Still positive.”

Renaud Lavoie tweets “But the NHL and NHLPA will need to agree on amount and payment terms, as well as all other terms for new CBA.”

John Shannon of Sportsnet tweets “Can confirm NHL has offered to make players whole out of owners’ share. But there are still some qualifiers…far from done.”

7:02PM: Dreger Tweets The NHL’s verbal offer to absorb some or all of Make Whole was made Tuesday. 3 days ago?? PA wants more detail before getting too excited.

9:51PM: Pierre LeBrun says that Bill Daly and Steve Fehr will meet tomorrow