Buzz: The NHL is Reviewing The NHLPA Proposal (Updates)

6:33PM: Allen adds “The back and forth we are seeing now is what we had hoped to see two months ago. Now we just need to let them dance.”

6:29PM: Kevin Allen says that the owners proposal of a ten year CBA has an opt-out after eight.

6:25pM: Pierre LeBrun likened today to being sort of like “ping pong” with both sides going back and forth.

6PM: From Strang, “Semantics, but not sure it’s accurate to characterize either as full-fledged proposals, but rather countering on key issues”

5:50PM Katie Strang tweets that the NHL countered the NHLPA proposal.

5:39PM: Chris Botta tweets “Don Fehr’s going to sign off on major concessions and lock in for ten years? This would be surprising.”NHL Puck

5:26PM: Lavoie says that the owners have left the meeting room after 15 minutes and have likely returned to another room to talk internally.

5:25PM: Nick Kypreos says that the NHL wants a 10 year CBA.

5:08PM: Lavoie says that the owners are now back at the bargaining table with the PA.

4:59PM: Renaud Lavoie of RDS said that today’s talks were going at a different pace than yesterday “Talks are more off than on this afternoon. Both sides were in the same room for 10 minutes before owners went back in caucus.”

Aaron Ward confirms that the NHLPA made a new proposal to the owners.

Nick Cotsonika tweets “Players are waiting for NHL to respond to proposal. This presumably will tell them how far owners are really willing to bend.”

He adds “Realistic hope is that owners counter and this continues.”

Bruce Garrioch says “This proposal by the union will determine where this goes. If the NHLPA doesn’t deliver what it said it would verbally then talks off rails.”