Buzz: The NHL Has Proposed A Players/Owners Only Meeting

5:59PM: Jonathon Gatehouse, who wrote “The Instigator” about Gary Bettman notes that it was the meeting between Trever Linden and Calgary owner Harley Hotchkiss which led to the deal in 2005.

5:56PM: Bill Daly emailed Pierre LeBrun and said “We want to find a way to get to a deal nothing else has worked.  The Commissioner felt that we might as well propose something different.  We will see how they respond.”

5:46PM: John Shannon tweets: From a League source “Nothing else has worked – big groups, small meetings, mediation. So let’s try something else.”


5:32PM: Larry Brooks tweets “For its next trick, NHL proposes that players negotiate their own contracts without representation from agents.”

5:28PM: Dreger adds “Not all owners would be included in this owner-player meeting. Hasn’t been determined. Not sure why either side wouldn’t welcome this.”

5:23PM: According to Darren Dreger and Katie Strang, Gary Bettman has proposed the idea of owners and players meeting without any NHL or NHLPA brass.

Dreger says that Fehr and the players are believed to be considering the idea.