Buzz: Has Progress Been Made and Is A Deal Set To Be Announced? (Updates)

8:20AM: Tuesday: Michael Russo tweets that there was no secret or unannounced meetings yesterday, according to Bill Daly.

Bob McKenzie tweeted his thoughts on the report:

  • If I had info to that effect, I’d have reported it. I don’t have that info and I didn’t report it. I have no knowledge of any breakthrough.
  • As of this moment, I don’t believe the lockout is any closer to ending than it was, say, on Sunday. We’ll see what happens today in NYC.
  • I try not to be in the business of shooting down someone else’s report. I always allow that person may have better info than me. Or not.
  • So, just to be clear, I’m not saying the Boston report is untrue or not accurate. I’m saying I can’t get info to support it. That’s all.

8:08PM: Sarah Kwak of SI tweets “Asked if there was ANY MORSEL of truth to WBZ report that deal is imminent, B.Daly: “Not even a single morsel…” Great. And now I’m hungry.”


Jeremy Rutherford, a Blues beat writer, tweets that Burton is very tuned into the Bruins.

7:19PM: According to CBS 4’s, in Boston, Steve Burton there has been big progress made between the NHL and NHLPA and a deal to save the season could be announced tomorrow or Wednesday.

Joe Haggerty of CSNNE he spoke with someone who said that it wasn’t true but was hoping that Burton knew something that he didn’t.

He adds ” I will say this about @wbzsports Steve Burton. He also broke news Phil Kessel had testicular cancer few yrs back. So theres that”

Burton has been with CBS 4 since 1994

Adam Rotter: We will see….