Buzz: Gary Bettman Is Ready To End The Season

NHL-NHLPAAccording to Gary Lawless in the Winnipeg Free Press, Gary Bettman is ready to cancel the NHL season this coming Thursday if a deal isn’t done or appears imminent.

Lawless was told this information from a “veteran member of the NHL’s board of Governors.”

He writes that the league is under the impression that Donald Fehr isn’t interested in making a deal until after Bettman has cancelled the season and he is intentionally slowing down the talks.

Lawless adds that Bettman would be willing to talk after he cancels the season but will only be interested in making a deal for 2013-14 and at that point, the proposal that the NHL makes will be different from the one currently on the table.

Agent Allan Walsh sent out tweets early this morning, saying:

  • What’s going to come next? We’ll see “anonymous NHL Governors” and “league insiders” ramp up the threats, scare tactics on canceling season.
  • We’ll hear “the season will be canceled”, “Fehr doesn’t want to do a deal”, “the deal next summer will be far worse after a canceled season”
  • We heard same in 04-05. Gary wouldn’t save the season for a $45M hard cap for life of the deal. Season canceled. Cap today is $70.2M.
  • People sending out the scare tactics and threats only cause player resolve to further galvanize. Keep it up, we appreciate your efforts!