Buzz: Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman May Be Allowed Back In The Room

NHL_NHLPA_Fehr_Bettman10:19AM: Cotsonika says that Bettman didn’t want to go back into the negotiating room but he will if Fehr does.

10:15AM: Helene Elliotte tweets “Bettman and Don Fehr to rejoin talks. Can they move things forward or will egos get in the way?”

10:14AM: Damien Cox tweets “Fehr and Bettman were always going to have to come in again at some point. We’ll now find out who’s a dealmaker and who isn’t.”

10:01AM: Darren Dreger says that the owner/player format has been “terminated” and now the room is open for anyone.

9:28AM: Shannon writes that the NHLPA is insisting on Fehr returning to the table. If that happens Gary Bettman will return as well.

9:19AM: Nick Cotsonika tweets “If Bettman and Fehr return, does that help close the deal or kill it? Deal is in sight. But moderates must have power to get it done.”

9:13AM: According to Katie Strang of ESPN, the NHLPA is starting to worry about the format of the talks of the last few days which haven’t included Gary Bettman or Donald Fehr.

She says that the NHLPA is worried that the owners are using these meetings as a way to separate the players from their leader and may push to have no restrictions on who can attend. That would allow both Fehr and Bettman to return to the negotiating table.

She adds that the sessions yesterday were described as bizarre and said that they are closer in some areas but further apart in others.

John Shannon wonders at Sportsnet what the exact role the leaders of both sides have right now and how the NHL may have gotten their wish in removing Fehr from the room.