Recap: What Bill Daly Said On The Radio Earlier

Bill Daly was on Hockey Central at Noon with Darren Millard, Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean on earlier and said:

  • On five-year limits, Daly said that the owners felt like they bought five-year contract limits by walking away from free agency and salary arbitration demands along with the extra $100 million in make whole money.
  • Daly says that the players have received a lot of benefits, including a pension, discipline, system flexibility including adding money in trades, salary cap exceptions and removing re-entry waivers, and revenue sharing, that they indicated were important. He adds that there are more restrictions on buyouts and no-trade clauses, reforming training camp, raising the qualities of the visiting team facilities.
  • He expects that the players will “overwhelmingly” support the disclaimer of interest
  • Doug MacLean asks if the NHL is seriously contemplating shutting down the season over the issues of contract and CBA term, escrow and compliance issues. Daly says “we are prepared to shut down the industry over doing a deal that isn’t right for our owners.”
  • “There are a large number of issues that they want to compile into a small number. Even their small numbers understate how many issues there are”
  • The PA proposal of a $67.25 cap that never goes down is “simply unacceptable” to the owners as are buyouts and caps on escrow since that is money outside the system
  • On the damage to the NHL, Daly said “it’s a crap shoot right now”
  • On the 50/50 split, Daly said “until we settle on the financial issues suggesting that we have a 50/50 split is wrong. It is just not accurate.”
  • Daly says that a buyout isn’t something that clubs necessarily want and suggests trades instead as those would bring something of value back to the team.
  • On having a date in mind to cancel the season, Daly “As we move toward the end of December we need to look at how many games we can play. We have a general sense of when we need to be playing hockey by and that is mid-January.”
  • “To suggest that we are almost on top of each other would be overstating it to the extreme.”

Dan Tencer tweets:

  • Elliott Friedman asked Daly straight up for a yes or no answer…Will we have a season? Daly said yes.
  • It was weird. Friedman told him he couldn’t say “I don’t know” and Daly listened. He obviously can’t say no…but…just shouldn’t answer.