Read: Amnesty Buyouts Need To Be Part Of The CBA

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the NHL needs to have amnesty buyouts part of the new CBA to allow teams that to transition themselves from the cap of $70.2 million to $60 million for 2013-14.

Brooks says that a certain kind of amnesty program could be put into place that would help both the players and the owners:

Players bought out under this program before this season at either one-third or two-thirds depending upon their age could be re-signed only for the difference between the buyout amount and the full contract. The entire amount would count against the players’ collective share but the buyout team would not be charged a cap hit.

The NHL is vehemently against the idea of amnesty buyouts, and caps on escrow, being part of the CBA.

At CBC, Elliotte Freidman says that it will be very tough for certain teams to maneuver if buyouts aren’t part of the CBA “So if the cap is $60 million in 2013-14, how are the Lightning ($57.5 million for 15 players), Philadelphia Flyers ($57M for 16) and Boston Bruins ($57M for 16, no goalies) among others going to make it work?”