Read: Getting Ready For Higher Expectations Next Season

Heading into this season most people picked the Rangers to finish fifth or sixth in the East and finish their season in either the second or third round.

As the season went on, the Rangers started to exceed expectations as they took control of the conference and division lead en route to winning both.

The players said during breakup day earlier this week that they are ready for expectations to be higher next season.

Ryan Callahan said, “the expectations are higher for next year and rightfully so, they should be.”

Henrik Lundqvist added, “It’s a good thing when people expect more out of you. You just have to prepare well. We are building an atmosphere of expecting wins and looking around the room and expecting big things from everybody.”

Brian Boyle said, “we have improved and done better than last year. Our coach knows it’s there and he will demand more and push us harder. I think it’s a good thing and better for all of us. It’s a challenge that a lot of us embrace and will be better for it.”

John Tortorella said “that is what it’s about. That is why we I am so happy that we played 20 games, elimination games, come back from bad starts, all the momentum swings are huge for playoff hockey and for the players to understand what it’s about. It came along pretty quickly this year. It speeds up the process as you try and become the best you can be.”

Adam Rotter: The Rangers are going to be a trendy pick for the Stanley Cup next season and after their performance this season, people have every right to expect that. To me, the Rangers main goal for next season is stop “finding ways to win games” and instead, just “win games” by being the better team for 60 minutes on a consistent basis. The division and conference will be tougher next season and it’s going to take the same kind of effort and work ethic to put the Rangers in this spot again