Recap: Glen Sather Discusses The Rangers Trip To Alberta

The Rangers announced yesterday that they will take part in a charity golf tournament to benefit cities in Alberta who were hit hard during flooding in June.

The Rangers will also hold part of their training camp, likely the time from 9/18 to 9/23, in Banff, Alberta.

Glen Sather went on CBC radio yesterday to discuss why the Rangers were doing this:

  • On why they are going to Banff, “As you know, Madison Square Garden is under transformation for the third straight year and we can’t play in our building until the 24th of October so we are playing a number of….six exhibition games on the road, two in Alberta and one in Vancouver and then one in Las Vegas. It made sense to expose the players to the mountains and the playground of Western Canada and then when the flood occurred, I don’t think you probably know this but I was born in high river so I saw it as an opportunity for us to give something back to the Bow Valley who have had some problems from the flood.”

  • On his connection to Banff, “I lived there for over forty years, I went there to be a lifeguard when I was 17 and I have been there ever since. It really is home for me. I like to say that I am visiting New York but that has been my second home for the last 13 years so this is the 14th year in New York.”
  • On what the fans will see when the Rangers visit, “Players will be involved at the tournament at the hotel and all the funds raised will be given to a charity that can distribute the funds and give out tax receipts.”
  • On his experience with Hurricane Sandy, “I wasn’t there during the Hurricane but I have a lot of friends who lost their cars and one of the guys on our team lost his new car and the fellow that was taking car of the car actually drowned in the parking lot. It was pretty devastating for New York.”
  • On his reaction to the flooding in Alberta, “I was shocked and surprised at how much damage there was. I know Murray Edwards quite well, he owns the Calgary Flames and his home was flooded. A lot of people were wiped out as well. A lot of people lost their homes. I was really shocked when I got back.”
  • On the situation in Phoenix, “A lot of Calgarians live in Phoenix and they have gone through some times but seem to persevere. Don Maloney used to work for me in New York as an assistant manager and he has been the manager there for the last five years and he has done it with shoestrings. He has done a great job and I hope people will support it.”