Read: There Was “A Lot” Of Money On The Board Last Night

Derick Brassard told the Columbus Dispatch last night that there was “a lot” of money on the board, between all the players and coaches, for the Rangers game against Columbus.

Justin Bourne explained money on the board by saying that prior to the game players will go up to the dry erase board in the locker room and write their number and a dollar amount on the board.

Bourne says that if the team wins then the player has to donate that money to the team party fund and that putting money on the board is something that unites the players and brings them closer together.

Dan Murphy writes at Sportsnet that the money isn’t just used for parties and dinner and that some teams donate much of it to charities.

Murphy says that the minimum in the NHL is $300

Former Blue Jackets include Anton Stralman, Derek Dorsett, Brassard, John Moore and associate coach Scott Arniel.

Ron Wilson, when he was coaching the Maple Leafs, was fined for putting money on the board and that it’s against league reals for a coach to do that.