Read: The on-ice conditions at Yankee Stadium last night

20140126-132815.jpgFollowing his loss to the Rangers last night, Marty Brodeur said that the ice at Yankee Stadium was the worst ice he had played on in his career. (NY Post)

The NY Post said that the ice was “shockingly bad.”

Pierre McGuire said on TSN1050 this morning that the ice wasn’t the best but also wasn’t terrible.

Ryan McDonagh said that it was a fast ice. (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

Rick Nash said that it was a tough game to play in because of the depth perception of the rink and nothing being behind the glass. (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

Alain Vigneault said after the game that he was surprised by the issues with the ice sine the weather seemed to be ideal for a good playing surface.

Anatoliy Shor
Anatoliy Shor

Brodeur  is a great goalie, but usually great goalies don't complain and take it like men they are suppose to be.. For the sake of an argument, Hanks also was trying to make excuses to justify his bad start. It didn't look good. Hopefully, the ice has improved and they won't postpone today's game... I am taking my kid to the game today!!  LGR!!!


Its amazing that nobody is talking about the radical new technology the NHL used to make the patch of bad ice follow Marty throughout the game.

What's that you say? There is no such technology and everybody had to play on the same ice?

But that would mean Marty is a classless, whining bitch who just can't admit when he played poorly. He sounds like the kind of guy who would leave his wife for her sister....