Read: The Rangers PP and the difference between game one and two

Rangers-Chrome-Stadium-Series-1:41PM: | Rick Nash said today, “you need to give them credit. They adjusted and had a good showing the last game. We watched some video and we have to make our plays. We weren’t very crisp, we were missing passes, missing shots, not hitting the net and it’s the difference in the game.” (Rangers)

9:34AM: |In game one of the Rangers series against the Flyers, the Rangers were 2 for 6 with 14 shot attempts, 7 that went to the net and 7 on goal. (ES)

In game two, the Rangers went 1 for 6 on the PP with 19 shot attempts, 13 that went towards the net and 9 on goal. (ES)

On the PP in game one, Ryan McDonagh said on MSG, “we took what was given, we didn’t try to force it too much. When there was a shot we put it on net and kind of kept them on the run, we moved the puck pretty quick. They are very aggressive and if you hold onto it for too long you will get yourself in trouble, even if it’s a simple three foot pass, it makes a huge difference and our guys did a good job making reads and it has to continue.”

On the PP in game two, McDonagh said, “just not very good execution. Just not very crisp, not as patient either…..definitely not as crisp is the biggest thing.” (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

Alain Vigneault said that the Rangers PP on Sunday had some “Grade A” opportunities but need to put them in.

Mats Zuccarello said that the PP didn’t execute well enough and that the Rangers need to bring their A game in all areas. (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

Brad Richards said “we got 3 PP goals in two games. I know that it could have won us the game last night but when you put it into perspective, you say that you have 3 PP goals in two games, you will take it. The difference is that last night we could have done something good if we get a PPG in the second, maybe that changes the game. We will keep working on it, I though that the one in the third was the worst one in the series, we didn’t get any shots, the second period, besides maybe a little traffic where he didn’t see it, we had some good scoring chances and we were getting set up and we had so many last night and the ones we didn’t score on become more prevalent but we still scored two big goals on it and we are confident that it will have to be a big part of the series and we will be able to do it.” (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)