Read: ‘Okay’ isn’t good enough in the playoffs

RANGERSAlain Vigneault said yesterday that the Rangers played an “okay” game on Sunday against the Flyers but at this time of the year ‘okay” isn’t good enough and that the Rangers will need to be better.”

Brad Richards said that the Rangers may have let up a bit in game two and Ryan McDonagh said that the Rangers need to move their feet more.

Mats Zuccarello said that the Rangers mindset has to be going into Philly and going for a split. (NY Post)

Richards said today that the Rangers have to expect a “storm” from the Flyers when the game starts and the Rangers will need to weather it. (Mike Morreale)

McDonagh said that the Rangers need to focus on their game and playing how they are capable and “we didn’t feel like we were ourselves in game two. We need to get back to playing with pace and getting it behind them and that is on us.” (Rangers)

McDonagh added that the only matchup tonight that matters is the Rangers “will” against the Flyers “will.” (NY Times)

Henrik Lundqvist said that the key for the Rangers is to play their game and play it as well as they can and that will give us a good chance to beat this team.” (Rangers)

Adam Rotter: I think that “okay” perfectly describes the Rangers performance on Sunday. “Okay” can win games for you and had the Rangers scored on the PP to tie the game “okay” might have been good enough to go up 2-0 in the series. They need to be better than “okay” though tonight and as the series goes on. The Rangers know what they need to do and have beaten good teams on the road all season so they should be prepared to handle what the Flyers bring tonight.