Read: Discipline and how the Rangers acted in game three

On Tuesday nigh the Rangers took five penalties including cross checking (Benoit Pouliot), holding (Benoit Pouliot), roughing (Dan Carcillo), charging (Derek Dorsett), hooking (Dan Carcillo)

Both of Pouliot’s penalties came on Ranger PPs and Carcillo’s roughing call came after the whistle when he bumped Claude Giroux.

After the Rangers win over the Flyers on Tuesday, John Giannone asked many of the Rangers how they felt about the penalties they took as well as how they engaged with the Flyers and stood up for themselves.

Dan Girardi said that there was a sense of pride in what the team did, “definitely. It will be a physical series and there will be times that this happens and we need to handle it the right way.”

Henrik Lundqvist said, “we were playing with fire a bit. We probably have to be a bit more discipline but you need to play on the edge and be right there. It’s a fine line with a team like that with a good PP, you need to be careful but our PK stepped up big time to save us.”

Derick Brassard said that there was concern with the amount of penalties but added, “we play with emotion and sometimes emotion gets the best of you and tonight we could have done a better job and it is what it is but the PK did a great job so maybe that is something we need to address for the next couple of games but we did a good job.”

Brassard added that the focus is on playing whistle to whistle but sometimes the emotion gets in the way.

Brad Richards said, “there is pride but we need to be smart but sometimes the calls just go against you. We have gotten a lot of calls in our favor so far in the series and they seemed tonight to get some PPs but it happens that you have to kill penalties and the PK stepped up tonight and battled to the intensity level that it needed to be.”

Giannone said on his end of game wrap up on MSG that he spoke with one Ranger who said, “that the team had a collective sense of pride for how the team stood up and said enough is enough both when 2-0 became 2-1 and when the Flyers started to throw their body around both during and after the play. The Rangers felt it was time to send a message to say that the Flyers will not be the only team to run a physical series. Then came time for the third and to win the game and the message from Ulf Samuelsson was to play smarter and the message from Brad Richards was to dumb it down and while that may sound contradictory it resulted in a 4-1 win for the Rangers.”