Read: What John Tortorella Means When He Says That Players Are Playing Scared

Following the Rangers loss to the Devils on Tuesday night, John Tortorella appeared to put certain players on notice that their jobs could be in jeopardy because they are playing too tentative.

Tortorella spent some time after practice clarifying what he meant by those comments and said: 

“I don’t want  us, and maybe scared was the wrong word or the right word, I don’t want us to test the waters. As we have gone through it here we are trying to test the waters instead of trying to make a difference, that is what I mean by being tentative or scared. Try to make a difference, don’t wait for someone else, don’t give your problems to someone else.”

Tortorella then added, “I’m not trying to threaten them. It is what it is. Not to pound my chest, I need to make the right decisions for guys who are playing now. We don’t have time to work through it all.”