Read: What It Means To Play The Game “Hard”

Yesterday, while meeting with the media (including SNY) John Tortorella explained what he means when he says that the Rangers haven’t played “hard” enough to start the season.

Tortorella said, “we have not played the game hard enough in all areas. When you talk about hard, people talk about fighting. Playing the game hard is taking a check to protect the puck. Not one and done offensively, holding onto a puck until other people get involved offensively. There are lot of different aspects that come into play. Our team knows what it is. They simply haven’t brought it this year and it will mount on you pretty quickly if you don’t get it changed around.”

Chris Kreider told the media that the Rangers want to be a “stubborn” group to play against. The kind of team that you don’t want to see on your schedule.