Read: What Happened To Three Of The Final Four Teams From Last Year?

At the CP, they write about how three of the final four teams from last season, the Rangers, Kings and Coyotes, are off to tough starts.

On the Rangers, they write “the Rangers can probably forget about earning the top seed in the conference for the second straight season”

They also question the Rangers depth and ability to score past Rick Nash, Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards.

Similar to the Rangers, they write that the Kings haven’t been able to score this season but that the Kings showed last season that all you need is an opportunity in the second season, “where the teams finish, of course, doesn’t really matter, as long as they make the playoffs. That’s the way hockey is these days. The Kings were the No. 8 seed last season, after all, and the Devils were No. 6 in the East. The Flyers, back in 2010, knocked out the Rangers for a playoff spot on the last day of the 2010 season, then went all the way to the Stanley Cup finals as a No. 7 seed.”