Read: The Topic Of Yesterday’s Practice Was Getting Back To Playing “The Right Way”

After practice yesterday, BRyan Callahan, Rangers, The Right Wayrian Boyle said that a lot of the focus of the days practice, “the motto,” was about how strong defense was going to lead to better things for the Rangers.

Boyle said that the chance against have been more frequent then they did lat season, “but we can’t worry about scoring goals at the expense of defense. Once we do that things will start going north. ”

John Tortorella said yesterday,that he wants plays to focus on the defensive zone, “don’t think about the offense, think about how much stiffer you have to be, how you have to defend and then I think we will get our offense. Our top guys will get more offense out of playing good defense. That is always how we have gone about it and you can’t cheat the other way. You have to concentrate on the hard part, defending and hopefully we can grow from there.”

Dan Girardi said yesterday that the core of what made the Rangers work last year needs to return, “We need to block shots, hit guys, get shots on net….all the things that were working for us last year.”

Tortorella added, “our guys understand it and I have confidence that we will find a way.”