Read: The Rangers Sometimes Care Too Much/Never Have A Problem Caring

Over the weekend, John Tortorella spoke about the expectations that certain players on the Rangers had coming into this season.

He said that some players have had struggles dealing with the added pressure and that caring too much could be the cause, “sometimes you care too much when you are pressing and you end up chasing the game and not allowing it to come to you. When players play with confidence it comes to them, they see it better. Why that is, I have no idea. It’s here (points to head), so hopefully, you look at Brad, some pucks are going in so hopefully it will relax him because that is a guy that cares and he allows the game to come to him instead of chasing it.”

Tortorella added, on the flip side, that the Rangers never have a problem getting their players to care, “we will never have a problem with this team, and never have, about people not caring. Some teams have that problem where guys don’t care enough. We have never had that problem here.”