Read: The Rangers Power Play Is Not Good

John Giannone asked Brad Richards if the Devils were doing something to disrupt the Rangers PP and Richards responded that the Devils had nothing to do with the Rangers struggles.

He said, “It’s all us. You gotta make a play. Sometimes these type of games you need your power play to step up. If it does, we wouldn’t be talking about this right now. We need to generate more.”

When asked about the power play on the post game show, John Tortorella said “We are the better team five on five, it’s special teams that let us down. It’s been a struggle and it hurt us again tonight. We need a goal on our power play at some point. There were some key power plays that could have gotten us back in the game.”

Ron Duguay said that when an opponent doesn’t think that the power play is a threat then they will just pressure, “attack, attack, attack,” and not let the other team have any space.

Dave Maloney thinks that the Rangers are getting “too cute” on the power play and they need to make the other team’s goalie the best penalty killer.

Maloney added, “Gaborik and Nash have to be your best power play guys.”