Read: The Rangers Don’t Know Who They Are

Following the Rangers loss to the Senators last night, Dave Maloney said on MSG that the Rangers are in the middle of an identity crisis and don’t know which direction to go in, “are you going to be that hounding offensive team or are you going to hunker down and let your goalie win it.”

The Rangers identity has been a big question since the lockout shortened season started.

After the Rangers win over the Capitals on Sunday, John Tortorella spoke to the media, including SNY, about how the team still needs to defend harder and get back to where the team was at last season.

He noted that no matter how many players change, the core principal of the Rangers system won’t change, “You trade for Nasher and you don’t become a run and gun team. A staple of this club is to defend first and your offense comes from it.”

Ryan Callahan, in the NY Post, evoked nearly the exact same sentiment that Callahan did about last night, “I thought we were harder. We were better blocking shots. We were more disciplined. For us to be successful, it starts with defense. We can’t be run-and-gun.”

Michael Del Zotto added, in the Post, “we talked before the game about how we need to be stiffer defensively. We know that’s our foundation.”

Carp from Ranger Rants writes “This team is different. This team isn’t nasty. It isn’t a difficult opponent. Maybe that will change at some point, but basically, the top six forwards (or seven or eight) aren’t, as a group or individually, playing well enough, and the bottom six (or four or five) aren’t as good as they were last year, either.”