Read: The Rangers Are Treading Water/Waiting For The Game Breakers

When asked about the mindset of the team, John Tortorella said on Monday “I think we need to stay positive. We are treading water here but I just don’t think that the game breakers have found their game. I believe they will and I hope it comes soon because it’s such a short window. That is what I hope. I’m hoping something sparks them.”

He added that the Rangers are still searching for a key play at a big time and that there is no time to get down or beat yourself up.

Brian Boyle, Michael Del Zotto and Carl Hagelin all said that the key for the Rangers is grabbing a good start and establishing their game and taking momentum.

When asked last night and this morning if the Rangers would make the playoffs, readers were split just about down the middle at 50.72% for YES and 49.28% for NO.

Adam Rotter: Everything can change quickly if the Rangers get consistent production from Marian Gaborik, Rick Nash and Brad Richards. Look at the Capitals. Alex Ovechkin has returned to form and is carrying that team up the standings when nearly everyone wrote them off. If the Rangers can get their top guys going, and nearly everyone else plays as they have been, the Rangers will not only make the playoffs, but go in with a lot of momentum.