Read: The Need To Get The Team Toughness Back

On Saturday night, on the next sequence following  Dan Girardi leaving the ice, Travis Moen crossed along the crease and made contact with Marty Biron.

Biron was down on the ice and in response, Boyle tried to go after Moen.

In the Daily News, Boyle explained “You see your goalie down, that’s what you’ve got to do. We always stand up for each other. I think we’re a close group. I don’t think there’s any question that if anybody was closer, they would’ve done the same thing.”

Pat Leonard writes in the Daily News that the Rangers still have that ability, to be mean, but they haven’t brought it consistently.

Michael Del Zotto told the Daily News that the Rangers just aren’t doing enough of those type of things this season.

Saturday night on Hockey Night Live, Billy Jaffe said “the Rangers are missing a little spark. It’s a big spark. This is a very big time in the season for them, they need to figure it out.”

In April of 2010, Brandon Dubinsky said “We came to realize that we’re the only ones who can take care of each other, so we’ve developed a team toughness that’s been contagious and has brought the room closer. Guys want to play for each other, whether that means taking a punch, or stepping in, we’re going to be there.

This was one of the areas of the game where Dubinsky was excellent.

Adam Rotter: After the first two games of the season, I wrote that the Rangers needed a moment that could truly bring everyone together and get them focused on playing “The Right Way.” Last season that moment seemed to be when Joe Thornton called them soft. Don Cherry called them soft on Saturday, but I don’t see that having the same impact. This team needs a rallying point, they need something to be angry about and take action. They miss Brandon Prust and Brandon Dubinsky but they are gone and it’s up to the new players to take on the responsibilities that have been left hanging.