Read: The Lockout Didn’t Impact Projected NHL Revenue/League Should Move To 70 Game Season

According to Larry Brooks, in the NY Post, the NHL informed the NHLPA that the league is on track to pull in $2.4 billion in hockey related revenue for this season.

In 2011-12 the NHL had a record of $3.3 billion hockey related revenue but that came from a full season, All-Star game and Winter Classic.

The point Brooks makes with these numbers is to say that the NHL should shorten their season to 70 games.

Brooks says that only a fraction of HRR is generated in the first few weeks of the season and that a shortened schedule, as with this year, would create more importance and interest in each game.

He writes, “cutting the number of games reduces the glut during the dog days of January and February that inevitably inconvenience season subscribers and bore the more casual fan faced with endless matches per week. The more games on the schedule, the less urgency is attached to any one—especially with the availability of the odious loser’s point to mitigate the result of hyped showdown matches.”