Read: The Key To Last Night Was Staying With It

Last night against the Capitals, the Rangers fired 40 shots on net for their second highest total of the season.

Similarly, the Rangers highest shooting game of the season, 1/26 against Toronto, was also a come from behind game that the Rangers won.

In terms of last night, the Rangers had 20 first period shots, 14 second period shots and six third period shots.

In the post game, due to their dominant play, the Rangers talked about how they were confident that if they stayed with their game plan they would end up pulling out the win.

Carl Hagelin told the Rangers website, “we never stopped grinding, and that’s when you know sooner or later that puck is going to go in. We were in their zone so much.”

Hagelin also added that sooner or later the team knew that the puck was going to go in.

Henrik Lundqvist told the NY Times that the team felt that it was only a matter of time before they broke through because of all the chances that they had.

John Tortorella said last night that he was proud that the team stayed with “it” last night and kept on working until they took the lead.

He added, “I liked how we played. We weren’t concerned about being down, we just stayed with our game and defended better. We were patient. I think this is an important game with how we played tonight.”

Michael Del Zotto said, “We played the right way the whole night. We were happy with the consistency of our play.”