Read: The Hockey News On The Rangers and Expectations

In the latest issue of The Hockey News, Ken Campbell writes a cover story on the Rangers and their start to the season.

Campbell spoke with Brad Richards about the expectations and the Rangers have and wrote, “as Richards points out, the Rangers think they have a team that can make a serious run at a cup, but there are probably a dozen other teams thinking the same way. The Rangers are a group of good players and good people and everything might turn out just fine in 2013.”

Campbell adds, “But it’s one thing to have a roster that people look at and think will be great. Ask the Washington Capitals about that one. It’s another to actually take that potential and turn it into something special. ‘Some of our young guys might have bought a little bit into the predictions and the talk around the team,’ Richards says. ‘I don’t know what everybody does when they go home, what they read. But with all the talk, we might have been a little looser than we needed to be.'”