Read: The “Attitude” May Be Coming Along

Prior to the Rangers win over the Maple Leafs, John Tortorella was speaking with Sam Rosen about why the team was struggling through the first four games.

Tortorella said, “I think it’s an attitude.I think we are a team in-between. I would like to see a little moxie, some self confidence. I don’t think we have that. I can just feel it in the room. It’s just not there. If we can get a few periods under our belt where we do the things we need and we can get it back.”

Tortorella added, “I know they care. I think we need to work through it together and hopefully it snowballs the right way.”

On Hockey Night Live, Billy Jaffe said that last night was important for the Rangers because they needed a game where they could see that they “dominated.”

Dave Maloney added, “If you are searching for an identity, you can look at this and say ‘that is how we have to play.”

Michael Del Zotto told the NY Times, “We’re trying to set our identity back and play with the swagger we had last year. This was the most complete game we’ve played this year.”

Henrik Lundqvist said that he was reminded of how the team played in the past, “there were so many games last year where we stick to our game plan and we did that tonight and it paid off. If we keep playing like we should then good things will happen. It’s a game of details and I think we did all of those little things well.”