Read: The Accountability That The Players Need To Have For This Team To Win

In an interview with The Hockey News, Brad Richards was asked about the Rangers identity and how they use accountability as a way of getting the best out of each other.

Richards said, “There is nothing worse than disappointing your teammates, your peers. That isn’t going to be hidden around here. That is why on his teams people buy in. If you don’t then you won’t be around. People like that. We all know where we stand and we all push each other along. Winning solves a lot of that.

This was a constant theme of last season and something the Rangers used to help them.

Another part of the Rangers identity that helped them win last year was shot blocking and Ryan Callahan, via the team, said that that can’t change,“That’s how we won so many games last year. That’s our identity that we’ve been trying to build and we always talked about for the past three or four years, and that’s when we’re successful, when we play that style of hockey.”

Arron Asham told the Rangers website, that seeing teammates block shots and put their bodies on the line makes him want to go out support his teammates, “that stuff just snowballs. Cally is a great leader, a great player who sacrifices his body. Him, G, Staal. These guys are blocking some shots, you got Chara who can shoot it 110 MPH and guys are sticking there face in front of it. It shows what kind of team we got here with players here who are willing to do anything for the win and that is what is going to win championships. We definitely have the crew in here to do that