Read: Stuck In The Mud Last Night

On the post game show on MSG last night, Ryan McDonagh described the Rangers as having their “feet stuck in the mud” and letting the Penguins control the tempo.

McDonagh added that the Penguins clogged up the neutral zone and didn’t let the Rangers pick up speed.

He added that the Rangers were playing tentative and without the aggressive mindset that helped them win their games against the Maple Leafs and Flyers.

Joe Micheletti said, “the Rangers were never able to get forecheck going and if you are Tomas Vokoun, I don’t know if you need to take a shower tonight.”

Dave Maloney said, “I can’t remember a Ranger team so lethargic. There is just a lethargy with this team that is concerning.”

Micheletti added that both teams looked “unemotional” and neither team could get “ignited” last night.