Read: Martin Biron Discusses The State Of The Team

Following the Rangers third straight loss, Martin Biron was asked on HNL about the state of the Rangers right now.

Biron said, “we are going to have to regroup and really dig in to find a way. It’s going to be everybody and we know that. We have pretty much the same lineup, the core group of guys that were here the last few years and we were hard to play against we gotta get back to that. That is the key for us. We will put the effort and the work in, I have no doubt that we will. That has to be part of our MO again. We are trying and now we need to put even more effort into it to get it done.”

John Tortorella said on HNL last night, “We aren’t playing enough minutes. We gotta figure it out and try to find ourselves, keep our wits about ourselves and keep on playing.”