Read: John Tortorella Will Go With Who Is Playing Well

John Tortorella, Wojtek WolskiDuring his meeting with the media today, including SNY, John Tortorella talked about Benn Ferriero and how he played his way from the fourth line to the second line during Saturday’s win over the Maple Leafs.

Tortorella said that he doesn’t care who the player is, or what their history is, if they are playing well they are going to play, “I don’t give a damn what the stature is with players. This year, this type of situation, we don’t have time to let players play through. Each and every game we are going with the philosophy of trying to win it. If we shorten the bench we will shorten it. If we have to switch players or if that player is going than he is going to get a lot of minutes. I thought he deserved his time and he was effective where other players weren’t.”