Read: Is 0-3 Panic Time?

In a tweet, former player, executive and agent Brian Lawton said that teams who are 0-2 have no reason to panic……provided that they win their third game.

He says that an 0-3 start would be panic time and that home losses would become much more magnified.

In the NY Post, Brett Cyrgalis writes that there is no use in looking back to 1995 as a historical reference just because they also played 48 games in that season. He writes, “the league was very different, with no three-point game, no Wild or Blue Jackets franchises, larger divisions and substantially more scoring. That year, the Devils won the Stanley Cup after finishing the first 24 games with a record of 9-11-4.”

The Rangers next five games are at home against BOSTON, in PHILLY and then home for TORONTO, PHILLY and PITTSBURGH.

Adam Rotter: 0-3 or 2-5 or whatever doesn’t spell doom for me in any way other than trying to win the division. I don’t know that the Penguins will run away with the Atlantic, but they looked like a team on a mission over the weekend. That being said, while the division would be nice, that isn’t the ultimate goal. The Rangers need to be playing their best hockey at the end of April because as the Devils and Kings showed last season, getting into the playoffs and playing your best hockey there is what matters.