Read: The Top Line Needs To Take Care Of One Zone Before They Worry About The Other

Before Sunday’s game against the Penguins, Sam Rosen asked John Tortorella about using Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and Rick Nash all on the same line.

Tortorella said that it was something that he wanted to try, but when he did it against the Bruins on Saturday that line was scored upon.

He said that it was something he wanted to try to do in the offensive zone because he was concerned about their defense.

Yesterday those three players practiced together and it is expected they will at least start the game that way tonight against the Bruins.

Marian Gaborik told the NY Post that if that line stays together they need to worry about handling their own zone before they try and attack the opposition, “We have to play defense first, but Richie can dish the puck, and me and Nash, we have to use our speed. Nash is a big body, you can feel his presence out there. I just have to go to the net and look for pucks there.”

Gaborik told Ranger Rants that when playing with Nash, who attracts defenders and goes to the net, he primarily wants to try and find rebounds, “I have to feed off that. He has that drive to the net. When he has the puck, you try to get open. You know he’s going to shoot it. You try to get open and look for rebounds.”


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