Read: The Relationship Between The Rangers and NYU Coach Chris Cosentino

Rangers HockeyThis week, before John Tortorella was allowed to interact with his players, the Rangers players brought in NYU club hockey coach Chris Consentino to run their practice.

According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, Consentino, 30, played high school hockey with Matt Gilroy on Long Island and said that the experience of being on the ice with the Rangers players was “surreal.”

Consentino invited Tortorella to speak to his NYU team during the lockout, which is something that Consentino says the players still talk about.

He said, “It was awesome, our guys are still talking about it. There were some X’s and O’s, he did take the grease board out, but Coach’s message was about values. It was a message about what it takes to be a winner, what it means to commit to hard work, not only on the ice or not only as an athlete, but in life, and as an individual.”