Read: The Lockout Will Not Be An Excuse

Back in October, John Tortorella was asked about the lockout and said “We will not use this as an excuse. We’re better than that. We are not going to allow this to stop us from getting to where we want to go.”

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that John Tortorella may forbid talk of the lockout once training camp starts and Brad Richards agreed, “It will be the straight-forward approach we always have.”

Brooks writes “There is no doubt coach John Tortorella will instruct his athletes that the delayed start to the season cannot be allowed to distract the Blueshirts from their appointed rounds of challenging for the Stanley Cup.”

Before the 2011-12 season John Tortorella sent a letter to all of his players explaining that nothing, not starting the season in Europe, the Winter Classic, HBO, can be used as an excuse for the Rangers not getting where they want to be.

Last night, on Hockey Night Live, John Tortorella was asked if he would attribute the Rangers tough start to the “circumstances going into the game.” He responded by saying, “no, no, no. Lets just move by that now. I’m not going to keep talking about the short season. We started the season and we did not play well enough to win, Boston did.”