Read: Knowing That There Is Work Ahead and Using Last Year As Motivation

At Rangers Report, Brad Richards talked about how teams will know what to expect when they play against the Rangers this season.

Richards said, “We like our group and we’re not surprising anybody this year. We’re going to be a target, especially with the additions and the types of players we have, the year we had. So we’re not sneaking up on anybody. It’s going to be harder. We’re going to have to play better than we did last year to finish in the place that we did I think because everybody’s going to be gunning for us.”

Henrik Lundqvist, at Ranger Rants, spoke about how he enjoys the journey through the playoffs and the payoff of getting that big win and moving on to the next round, “Yeah, you want to do even better,” he said. “We definitely got a good taste of what it could be like to go all the way. Each round got more and more intense and you enjoyed it even more. But what makes it so special, too, is you have to work so hard to get there. That’s why it’s so rewarding to win big games and move on to the next round.”

Ryan McDonagh, in an interview with the Rangers website, talked about how the idea of “unfinished business” was a constant source of motivation during the lockout. “we can’t look too far ahead. We need to use that motivation to put ourselves in that position again.

Dan Girardi agreed with McDonagh and told the Rangers website that the feeling of how close the team came was always around during the lockout, “In the back of their heads during their workouts and skates, I am sure that everyone was thinking about how close we were to making it to the Stanley Cup Final. It’s definitely going to light a fire under us to bring us to the next level.

Girardi added “It feels good to get back to work. We are trying to get back into top shape. We are pushing each other and we will be ready to go come the 19th.”

Marian Gaborik, to the Rangers website, said “Everybody came back here with a huge smile and everybody decided to get back to work.  Especially where we came up short last year and this year is going to be short so we really want to try to be as best as we can and go far. ”