News: Ryan McDonagh Is Playing Tonight/Rick Nash Is Likely Playing

Nash/McDonagh12:57PM: Rick Nash told Andrew Gross that he feels good, everything has been positive but he will take warm ups tonight and see how he feels before deciding if he will play. Nash said that he is taking thins hour by hour with how he feels.

12:24PM: McDonagh ttold the team’s website, “I’m excited how my body responded to that hit, mentally and physically. MY energy level, I felt like myself again. It was a good thing not to rush back.

On why he needed a couple of days, McDonagh said, “you just seem out of it no matter what you do. I did a couple of light bike rides and I felt like I had just played a game. It was a different feeling, not normal, not myself. I knew I needed to rest a couple of days.”

11:10AM: According to reports from Rangers practice, Dan Rosen and Pat Leonard, Ryan McDonagh will return to the Rangers lineup tonight.

Rick Nash is a game-time decision but will take warm ups and decide if he feels all right.