Note: Having The Puck and Not Chasing Makes A Big Difference

Last week, following the Rangers loss to the Devils, John Tortorella and Henrik Lundqvist spoke about how the Rangers were falling behind and “chasing” the opposition too much.

While saying that though, Tortorella said that he was seeing some positive signs from the forecheck and was hoping that would lead to some confidence.

In the last two games the Rangers have scored in the opening 90 seconds and built up at least a 2-0 lead before the other team scored.

Henrik Lundqvist said on MSG that a good start is big for the style of hockey that the Rangers play, “getting a good start is crucial for us. It makes a big difference.”

Lundqvist and Tortorella both spoke last night about how the Rangers settled down, after a shaky first period where they gave up six odd-man rushes, and played more of a complete game.

In terms of the team’s overall play, Rick Nash said on MSG, “I think we are getting better and better. We are still trying to put a full 60 together.”

Dan Girardi added, “I think when we start putting some wins together we will start playing better Rangers hockey. We can’t go win one lose one, we gotta get going here.”

The key to the Rangers turnaround though has been simple, at least according to John Tortorella, “we just have the puck more. Our forechecking is better. We get some goals, but the biggest thing isn’t so much the goals but our puck possession and our wall play.”

Carl Hagelin told the NY Post, “finally as a team, we figured it out how to win two in a row. That’s when you can gain confidence and start rolling as a team.”

Hagelin said on MSG last night,”If we play the way we want to play and get the first goal we will have a good chance.”

Pierre LeBrun ranked the Rangers 10th in his power rankings this week and wrote, “Baby steps, but the Rangers are coming, folks. The Blueshirts are starting to get goals from lines other than the top unit and that’s the recipe for success they want.”

Adam Rotter: They are playing with a flow and having momentum carry over from shift to shift. This is how the Rangers won games last season, forechecking and stiff defense, and while they are having some lapses, that foundation has been with them in the last two games. The balance of their newly formed lineup helps that and so does the fact that they are more than ten games into the season. The Rangers needed some games to get things worked out and look like they are on their way to doing so.