Note: All Players Set To Take Warmups, Henrik Lundqvist In Net

4:49PM: Katie Strang says that John Tortorella was asked what the issue with Rick Nash is.

His response, “None of your business”

Andrew Gross notes that all Tortorella would say is that Nash is banged up and he will take warmups to see if he can play.

4:26PM: According to Carp from Rangers Report, the Rangers say that all of their players will take warmups.

Henrik Lundqvist will start for the Rangers.

Bent moderator

"Marshall raps Cutler"

I would like to see Brandon Marshall vs. Jay Cutler in a battle rap.

Sample Cutler emo rap lyrics:

-'s the number of interceptions I've thrown so far today.  Yes, it is.

- "It's like a jungle sometimes" ... said my mom, when she was telling me off for not tidying my bedroom

- Don't call it a comeback!  We lost anyway

- Hi!  My name is (what) my name is (who) my name is (chickachicka) Jay Cutler

- His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already: Mom's spaghetti.  Who knew high school prom would be so traumatic?

- Zuh zuh zuh zuh zuh.  Zuh zuh zuh-zuh zuh-zuh.  Ugh there's my alarm, where's the snooze button?


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It seems as though everyone is saying positive things about Geno with the belief that it will make it become a reality. I'm not really sure how that's supposed to work, but I sure hope it does.

Bent moderator


I kind of agree with you on this.

Maybe if enough people keep saying this, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Seems far fetched but at least it's having the effect of keeping Geno focused, as opposed to last year when things were going badly and his effort seemed to wane.