Read: The Push For 56 Games

In the NY Times, Ken Belson and Jeff Klein write that the best hope for a season will likely include 56 games being played.

They write that many teams are desperate for revenue as they have had to repay season ticket holders and sponsors or work out arrangements for free food, parking and other events at the arena.

In terms of the Rangers, who share MSG with the Knicks and many concerts, they say that with the transformation going on they need to start bringing in the Rangers revenue.

In terms of sponsors, they say that any season that features fewer than 62 games allows them to pay the NHL a prorated percentage of the money they would normally pay under an 82 game season.

56 games would net the NHL 68% of what they would get in a season with 82 games and a 50 game schedule would net the NHL 61%.

In closing they write, “The league and its owners realize that the window for even a truncated season is narrowing, one more reason to believe a deal with the players may be struck sooner rather than later.”