Read: Play At Least 50 Games Or Don’t Play At All

At True Hockey, Andy Strickland writes that if there is no CBA deal by January 1 than the NHL should just cancel the season since playing fewer than 50 games would just be a money grab.

Strickland says that if the plan is to play 48 games than the two sides should just come to their senses, make the deal now and play more games.

He says that saving the season for the sake of the fans doesn’t make sense since the fans already know how the NHL feels about them, “The NHL already thinks the fans are a bunch of lap dogs who’ll buy tickets and purchase merchandise whenever the game returns, starting the season just a few weeks before baseball pitchers and catchers report is just further proof.”

Chris Johnston said on twitter that the NHL had a proposed 28 game schedule for the 2004-05 season.

On Thursday Bettman said, “When it gets to the point where we can’t play a season with integrity, with a representative schedule, then we’ll be done,. If you go back in history, in ’94-95 I think we played 48 games. I can’t imagine wanting to play fewer than that.”

At USA Today, Kevin Allen says that if the season starts on January 1 and ends on April 15 it would be a 15 week season. That would mean playing three games a week and playing four games a week every five weeks.