Read: Launching The Season With A Bang

4:37PM: Tom Gulitti tweets that if the season starts soon there will likely be close to 60 games played. The season will be 56 games if it starts around Christmas and 54 if it starts on Jan 1.

1:09PM: At True Hockey, Andy Strickland writes that the NHL, if they strike a deal, needs to be smart about when they start the season and make sure that the launch day is one where people will be excited and likely home from work.

He suggests launching around Christmas time or on January 1 and that starting on a random day wouldn’t provide the same “impact or punch.”

Adam Rotter: The NBA started on Christmas last year with marquee games and the NHL should do the same when they start up. Jan 1 makes sense as they had that time reserved for the Winter Classic anyway, but a triple header on NBC and NBC Sports Network would be a nice way to bring things back. Something like Rangers/Flyers, Red Wings/Blackhawks and then Kings/Canucks would be a way to bring excitement back to the league.