Read: Is a Shortened Season a Disgrace?

At, Scott Burnside writes that having a shortened NHL season would be a black mark on the league just as it was in 1994-95 when following the Rangers Stanley Cup victory the league had a 48 game season due to a work stoppage.

Burnside writes, “A shortened 2012-13 season should be emblazoned with a scarlet letter “M” for “Morons” and goes on to say:

Every time a player or an owner looks at the asterisk after the 2012-13 season standings or stats, he will be reminded of the mockery the two sides made of these negotiations. Every game, every highlight will be a painful reminder of all that was squandered, of the shameful way in which they let down the game they all claim they love unconditionally.

Jesse Spector writes at the Sporting News that the NHL should adopt a 66 game schedule moving forward that starts in November.

His main reason for this is to have the NHL avoid the MLB playoffs, the early part of the NFL season and the start of the NBA season.