Note: The Rangers Have The Fewest Back to Backs In The League/Will Travel Second Fewest Miles

Dirk Hoag of On The Forecheck compiled his annual list of how many miles teams will travel this season and how many back to back situations they will be in.

The Rangers will play six back to back games which is the fewest in the league.

The Red Wings and Blackhawks each play 12 back to backs and the Flyers and Devils play 10.

The Islanders and Pittsburgh play seven.

In terms of total miles traveled during this 48 game season, the Devils will travel the least at 11,659 and the Rangers will travel 12,048 miles.

The Islanders travel 12,159, the Flyers 14,648 and the Penguins 16,894.

The Wild travel the most at 31,345 miles.