Note: The End Dates For The Regular Season and Playoffs

11:50AM: John Shannon of Sportsnet tweets that:

  • the regular season will end on April 27th.
  • the playoffs start on May 1 and could go as long as June 28.

Puck Daddy says that the draft will be June 29th and 30th in New Jersey.

9:51AM: According to a tweet from Steve Ladurantaye of the Globe and Mail, the NHL regular season will end on May 2nd and the last day for the Stanley Cup Finals would be on June 25th.

The trade deadline is expected to be on or around April 5. 10:30AM: John Shannon tweets that the trade deadline is likely to be on April 3rd.

The NHL Draft is scheduled to take place on June 28th in New Jersey. Tom Gulitti tweets that the draft will be pushed back.

Last year the regular season ended on April 7th and the playoffs began on April 11th.

The playoffs were slotted for a potential 63 days last year with an end on June 13th. They ended up lasting for 61 days.