Buzz: Is This The Rangers Schedule? (Unconfirmed)

6:02PM: Larry Brooks tweets that the home opener is tentatively scheduled for 1/20 against Pitt.

The first rumblings of the home opener vs Pittsburgh on 1/20 came last night.

4:01PM:A reader tweeted Steve Zipay what appears to be a possible 2013 schedule for the Rangers.

This version of the schedule confirms January 19th for the opener in Boston and January 20th for the homer opener against Pittsburgh. This schedule has a title of New York Rangers 2013 Schedule but has 2012 as the year for all of the dates in the schedule.

The schedule which will not be officially released until Saturday or Sunday.

On the Michael Kay Show, John Tortorella said that he doesn’t have the final schedule yet but has seen variations of it that give him an idea of when games will be played, back to backs, three in four nights, etc.

This unconfirmed schedule is:

-Road: 1/19 Boston
-Home: 1/20 Pittsburgh
-Home: 1/23 Boston
-Road: 1/24 Philly
-Home: 1/26 Toronto
-Home: 1/29 Philly
-Home: 1/31 Pittsburgh

-Road: 2/2 Tampa Bay
-Road: 2/3 Florida
-Road: 2/5 Devils
-Home: 2/7 Islanders
-Home: 2/10 Tampa Bay
-Road: 2/12 Boston
-Home: 2/14 Islanders
-Road: 2/15 Buffalo
-Home: 2/17 Washington
-Home: 2/20 Montreal
-Road: 2/21 Ottawa
-Road: 2/23 Montreal
-Home: 2/26 Winnipeg
-Home: 2/28 Tampa Bay

-Home: 3/3 Buffalo
-Home: 3/5 Philly
-Road: 3/7 Islanders
-Home: 3/8 Ottawa
-Road: 3/10 Washington
-Road: 3/14 Winnipeg
-Road: 3/16 Pittsburgh
-Home: 3/18 Carolina
-Road: 3/19 Devils
-Home: 3/21 Panthers
-Home: 3/24 Capitals
-Road: 3/26 Philly
-Road: 3/28 Ottawa
-Road: 3/30 MTL

-Home: 4/1 Winnipeg
-Home: 4/3 Pittsburgh
-Road: 4/5 Pittsburgh
-Road: 4/6 Carolina
-Road: 4/8 Toronto
-Home: 4/10 Toronto
-Road: 4/13 Islanders
-Road: 4/16 Philly
-Home: 4/18 Florida
-Road: 4/19 Buffalo
-Home: 4/21 Devils
-Road: 4/25 Carolina
-Home: 4/27 Devils

Adam Rotter: This version of the schedule, whether it is real or not, has the Rangers playing the Penguins and Flyers five times and the Islanders and Devils four times. I think that the big thing to take away from this is the structure of the schedule because no matter if the opponents mentioned above are correct, this is the pace that the schedule will take.