Read: Glen Sather Has Sent Out Questionnaires To Coaching Candidates

Glen SatherOn TSN Drive with Dave Naylor yesterday, Darren Dreger said that Glen Sather has sent out questionnaires to a list of coaching candidates that could be as high as ten.

Dreger says, “all coaches were asked to fill out a brief questionnaire, I don’t know how many questions, I was told it was three or four pages long and there were no promises. That is how Slats is weeding through some of the individuals he is not that familiar with. I am not suggesting that he isn’t going to interview Dallas Eakins but I know that before they get to that point they are going to gather all of these questionnaires.”

He adds that everyone in Rangers management is in California and preparing to start organizational meetings on Monday. They are expected to start going through the questionnaires during those meetings and set up their interview plan from there.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, who was guest hosting with Naylor, made comments about Sather falling asleep while reading the answers from the coaches and Dreger said, that he knows Sather will do the interviews with the coaches and that this isn’t unusual for him.

He said, “prior to hiring John Tortorella, he did something similar. It wasn’t through John Tortorella, but I got my hands on the homework assignment that one coach was given a few years before and it was an exhaustive process. This thing was like 20 pages long, but I am told that this one is much shorter. Slats is very studious when it comes to these types of things, it doesn’t mean he makes the right decision but I guess he wants to be thorough.”

In 2002, Bryan Trottier won over Glen Sather by filling out a questionnaire with over 80 pages detailing coaching strategy. What impressed Sather was that Trottier wrote it out by hand and didn’t type it.