Updating: Post Game Quotes

10:37PM: These quotes are from the Rangers:

–        John Tortorella on Rick Nash…
“He’s probably been our best player. I’m not too interested in singling out our players, but he’s the real thing. You can see that.”
–        Rick Nash on tonight’s game…
“We weren’t sticking to our system. We have a great system if you stick to it – it involves everyone trusting each other and making sure everyone is in position. Tonight we weren’t.”
–        Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game…
“We have to take these last two games and look at them, watch the video, and learn some things from them.  I think we got away a little bit from the way we were playing last year – the hard-nosed style, in your face.  I think it starts with that, and it trickles from there into our systems.  Obviously we expected our systems not to be perfect from the start, but at the same time, they need to be better than they are.”

The following is from the MSG Post Game Show

10:22PM: Brian Boyle:

“Individually we need to look in the mirror. This isn’t going to cut it here. It’s not acceptable. Management, everyone on our team, players fans, deserve better. We need to do more. We need to do better.”

10:14PM: John Tortorella:

  • “as a group we just simply haven’t played well the past two games.”
  • On pulling Lundqvist, “I was not going to keep him in there. It wasn’t him, but I wasn’t keeping him in there with what was going on in front of him”
  • On the Kreider hit, “That is a big problem with the club. Maybe we need to get whacked around a little bit to wake us up. It’s a clean hit.”
  • On Nash, “he has probably been our best player. He is the real thing, you can see that.”
  • On starting Asham, “he is playing against his team. They started Glass. It’s a combo. High marks to Ash. That is what pisses me off. Ash goes in there, hangs in there and we don’t come in behind him. When a player does something like that the other players need to feed off of that and do their thing.”

10:11PM: Rick Nash:

  • On battle level, “It wasn’t enough tonight. Maybe a glimpse at certain points of the game. In this league you need to put together 60 minutes.”
  • On Scoring, “I would rather have the two points. That doesn’t mean much, if it helped us win or helped us tie it would mean a lot. I would rather have the win than score a goal.
  • “We didn’t stick to the system.”
  • “I don’t think we are pushing panic buttons. It’s not the start we wanted, but we need to get back to work and come back better.”

10:08PM:Ryan Callahan:

  • On Lundqvist being pulled, “It should show us that we need to play better in front of him. By no means does it have anything to do with Hanke, it has to do with the guys in front of him and not giving him a chance.
  • On battle level,”There are lot of things that we need to correct. The easiest is the level of compete, the level of battle. The next few days are going to are going to correct some system issues and then we are right back at it Wednesday.We have a shortened camp, I’m not using that as an excuse, we need to realize that it’s time to get going. We just gotta fix some things. We realize that there are things we need to look at. No one in here is worried or panicked.

Joe and Dave:

  • On Nash, “this is a big guy goal. He uses his length and then patience with soft hands. It’s a goal scorers goal.
  • On Lundqvist and no response, “It looked like they didn’t have any legs and Pittsburgh was in mid-season form. They were chasing and they chased themselves to a 6-3 loss.

Marc Staal:

  • On puck possession, “they had the puck the whole period. They were just winning every race and being better.”
  • “The execution wasn’t there. The details that get us out of our end zone weren’t there. We were disjointed and it took us a while to get the puck back and when we did we were too tired to do anything with it.”
  • Fast Start, “There are some things we need to work on and work out. We need to be better and get better quickly. We aren’t going to hit the panic button or anything.”