InGame: Pens 4 Rangers 1

Adam Rotter

  • The Bruins are good. The Penguins are good. Anyone who thought this would be a cake walk has certainly gotten a rude awakening. The Rangers are being shown what kind of level they need to play at if they want to be considered contenders in reality and not just on paper.
  • Maybe this is what they need though. With all the talk of expectations and taking the next step, this weekend needs to be humbling/sobering and a learning experience. No more talk of expectations or trying to live up to the pressure that has been put on them. If they focus on one game at a time, like they did last year, those things will take care of themselves and the Rangers will be in right spot.
  • The Penguins have set the bar for the Atlantic Division and it will be up to the Rangers to fix their mistakes, shore up defensively and regain their intensity.

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